Women Can Compute!

Extreme work pressure is one of the major factors that make women shy away from pursuing a Computer Science degree, but women need to realize that they were the first ones who computed best. Cindy Chen, a key note speaker during the Conference for Women Computer Science Students at Microsoft Headquarters, stated that:

“Back then, the majority of human computers were women. Women stayed home computing since during World War II men were at war. They were better since they took computing seriously and this led to fewer errors.”

 This is evidence that show women are capable of accomplishing more than what they think they can handle and are required to do.

First Programmer was a Woman! How a 27 Year-Old Poet Became the World’s First Computer Programmer

First Programmer




How Companies Can Help

Recruitment and conferences are the best ways get involved in the Computer Science field. They will offer women the opportunity to learn so much more about computing and new technologies. These events encourage women to speak up and pursue “creator” roles. During recruitments and conferences, women will be exposed to technical lingo and conversations; the sessions can cover diverse topics in some technical detail, making them useful resources for developing and designing their own creative applications.

Celebrate Computing: Inside the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Celebration

Hopper Celeb

Explore Your Interests

Computer Science is a very creative field that enables you to accomplish so much more in the areas of your interests. It is a discipline applicable to all aspects of life since you can save lives through medical innovations, create stimulations for special effects in movies, and combine art and e-textiles to add life to fashion. Never let the stereotypes or negative images of computing shy you away from coding.

Learn Blending of Craft & Technology: CRAFT Video: Craft Meets Tech at MIT

Craft and Tech

Importance of Building a Professional Network

Networking is a must since everyone needs to stay current, know what to do next, and find innovative ways to solve problems. When women observe examples of other Computer Science women through networking, they can connect and be inspired with women from different cultures. Being around women with just as much interest in technology like you allows the potential to make friends and acquaintances for life.

Watch Marie Forleo’s Video: Networking Basics: 8 Tips to Networking Without Being Fake

MForleo Networking